We specialized in work repairs and installation of industrial & marine plants worldwide. Marine Boilers Repairs, Maintenance & Chemical Cleaning, Heat Exchangers Repairs, Pipe Lines And HeatingCoils Welding, Repairs & Chemical Cleaning, Refractory, Insulation & Incinerator Repairs, Expansion Bellows Construction, Safety Valves Repair/ Replacement, etc. Additionally, we have cooperation agreements with local companies at Dubai (UAE), Antwerp, Singapore and China, which facilitates the logistics that our clients need. The manpower of the company is skilled, trained and with the necessary certifications. The Technical Department and the production department staffed by graduated and experience engineers who has long experience and has brought out a large number of projects which are certified by classes. We undertake the re-construction, repair and maintenance of energy and marine and industrial hydraulic systems:
  • Main and auxiliary Marine Boilers
  • High pressure and heating industrial boilers
  • Exhaust Gas Economizers and Exhaust Gas Boilers
  • Heat Exchangers: Heaters, Coolers, Evaporators, etc.
  • Piping work
  • Incinerators
Marine & Industrial Boiler Repairs
  • Main & Auxiliary Boilers tubes, headers, plates replacement repairs
  • Economizers, Super-Heaters, Gas Boilers tubes, headers, plates replacement repairs.
  • Pre-fabrication, shaping and fining of boilers and Gas boilers tubes in our workshop, ready for easy in situ installation
  • Paneling of boiler tubes in our workshop
  • Boiler insulation and refractory renewal
  • Boilers condition and remaining life assignment survey
Certified Welding Services
  • Certified Welding of boilers/heat exchangers /tubing/plates by certified welders and certified automatic machines
  • Mass & fast welding industrial refineries, piping by certified mobile orbital automatic robotic welding machines
Expansion Bellows
  • We manufacture and supply any type of expansion bellow for all uses (steam H.P, exhaust gas bellows, etc. ) based on drawing or sample
  • Bellows made from material SS 316 L or SS 321 and quality documents (class approval certificates of rough material) are available as well as O.D. range capacity 33 mm up to unlimited
Chemical Cleaning Services
  • CHEMICAL CLEANING of boilers, heat exchangers, stainless steel tanks, piping, etc.
  • Pre-commissioning CHEMICAL CLEANING ( Pickling and Passivation) of new piping, tanks, boilers and heat exchangers, piping, etc
. Underwater Solutions Worldwide Worldwide operations include marine construction support, underwater inspection, repair, and maintenance operations, deep ocean underwater search and recovery services to 6,000 meters of seawater (msw), submarine rescue operations support, and underwater ship repair services.
  • Underwater Ship Repair
  • Subsea Oil & Gas Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM)
  • Deep Ocean Search & Recovery
  • Submarine Rescue
  • Engineering Services